Monday, September 22, 2008

Announcement of Buddhist Short Film Making Contest Outcome

Do you still remember the short film making sessions we had a couple months before? Guess who is the winner?

Ms. Tan Peck Ha!

Quick, click on the link to watch her masterpiece: Drinking Tea

How did she come out with this short film?

"I have watched many great Buddhist films these few years and I really like them a lot. When I saw the Dharma Drum Youth Singapore coming up with this competition, I was delighted and grab this opportunity to try for the first time. I have read many books on Zen and meditation, thus it was the natural choice of topic for me. The use of cartoon and flash is to reach out to more people, especially the youngsters. This may not be a true story but I am sure you will be able to identify with some of the common scenarios. Thank you and hope you like it." ~ Peck Ha



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