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Dharma Drum Youth Singapore of Dharma Drum Singapore is organizing its first ever Buddhist Film Appreciation & Short Film Making Contest from February 2008 to July 2008.

The objectives of the contest are as follows:
1) To foster communication on Buddhist ideas and propagate Dharma Drum Youth's vision, objective and mission to the widest possible cross section of society.
2) To provide educational, comprehensive, accessible resources and practical skills to those who are interested in filming, video clip/short film making and Buddhist film making.
3) To promote Buddhist film making and understanding of Buddhist lifestyle and Buddhist temples.

The theme for the Short Film Making Contest is “Buddhist Short Film”. In order to keep this contest as accessible to the masses as possible, entries using any type of film/video recording devices, including mobile phone camera, web camera and digital camera are allowed.

Theme: Buddhist Short Film
The following are some topics under this theme that filmmakers could consider.
a) Buddhist Temple/Centre
b) Buddhist lifestyle
c) The Buddha's teachings
d) Story on Buddhism
e) Story and teachings by a Venerable
f) Buddhist festivals, activities or events
g) Zen and Meditation practice

Registration and Submission
The commencement date is 4 February 2008.
Contestants can submit as many entries as they wish! They may submit films to represent their school, youth organization or religious organization; or they may submit films independently or with a group of friends.
Each submission must be accompanied by a different activity application form. The form is downloadable from this blog and is available in hardcopy at Dharma Drum Singapore.

Criteria for submission:
1) The submission must be an original creation which has never been published or publicly displayed before.
2) In MPEG, AVI, WMV or other accessable format.
3) Length of short film or video should not be longer than 20 minutes.
4) Language used should be English and Mandarin.
5) Short film or video should be stored in CD/DVD-R. Together with the completed form and an explanatory note about how it relates to the theme, the submission should be sent to:

Dharma Drum Singapore
100A Duxton Road,
Singapore 089544

The closing date for receiving submission is 12 July 2008 (Time: 12pm).

Judging Criteria:
Content (relevance to the theme): 40%
Creativity / Originality: 30%
Technical Competency: 30%

Entries will be reviewed and judged after the closing date. Results will be announced in this blog and all winning entries will then be uploaded to this blog. The winners will be informed by mail, email or call.

The judging committee will select the top 3 short films based on the above-mentioned criteria and how they have captured the theme.

Cash Prizes to be won:
Top Prize: $300
First Special Prize: $100
Second Special Prize: $100

For further enquiries, please contact Dharma Drum Youth Singapore at or call Dharma Drum Singapore at Tel: 67355900.



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