Monday, May 26, 2008

Buddist Film Viewing Event (part 2)

Interested to find out more about our activities?

Exchange of pointers during tea-break session.

Participants paying attention in the class

Speaker in action!

Token of appreciation to our speaker =)

Pretty DDYS youth preparing fruits for the participants =p

Looks very yummy, right?

Participants in Window Movie Maker Workshop

Look at that! Our Falao in action =)

Gan En Fo Pusa for making this event a success =)

Just a few feedbacks from our participants…

Yes, the window movie maker is very detailed, clear & professional. However it will be useful for us to have the notes before the lecture starts,” said Loa Yong Hwee.

“Yes, the movie is great & the movie maker is very easy to learn. The whole event is fantastic & thanks for sharing,” said Heidi Sim.

“Yes I enjoyed the event very much. I am looking forward to future events. Please kindly email Program/table/schedule to me,” said Ong Lai Peng.

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