Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Buddhist Film Appreciation Report (part 1)

The first Buddhist Film Appreciation event was successfully held at Dharma Drum Singapore on 15 March.
The 40 participants had an enjoyable time at this enriching sharing session.

Group photo of volunteers and guests

The Buddhist Film Appreciation event is a warm-up to the Buddhist Short Film-Making Contest organised by the Dharma Drum Youth Group.

Thanks to Bro Wanquan for taking time to give detailed technical guidance to the youth members.

The 100% committed youth members forgot about their allocated duties and started helping out enthusiastically where it was needed. Bro Qiyao who was originally in charge of food took over the role of taking attendance and Sis Huiwei who was originally in charge of taking attendance switched to taking care of the food!

Sis Aihua who turned up for film-viewing got ahead of Bro Xiaoyang who was in charge of fruits and helped him cut up all the fruits 1/2 hour before time!

Thanks to the generosity of those who contributed, everyone was able to enjoy a buffet of sumptuous and healthy food during tea-break.

The speaker, Bro Shen Shi'an offered a refreshing perspective on Buddhism through his well thought-out and inspiring powerpoint presentation slides and selection of movie excerpts.

Participants of different nationalities listening to the speaker with deep concentration.

^-^ End of part 1 report. ^-^



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