Monday, December 17, 2007

Kite-Flying at East Coast Park

The weather was just perfect in the afternoon of 24 November for enjoying the cool sea breeze and warm sunshine at the seaside.

The Dharma Drum Youth Group had brought a group of 20-over enthusiastic youth members to
Singapore’s well-known East Coast Park to spend an exciting afternoon in nature – kite-flying!

The Youth Group had also invited the founder of Singapore Kite Association, Mr. Shakib to give an introduction on the history of kites, the different cultures of kite-flying and the various types of kites to the youth. Amongst the variety of kites showcased, an 8x6 metre Japanese kite with traditional Japanese opera face painting wowed everyone with its size and strong cultural infusion.

Mr Shakib

Mr. Shakib’s good friend, Peter, also demonstrated the operation of two uniquely-designed and high-tech new generation kites. Everyone looked in amazement when Peter rose up a special effects kite with 4-layered overlapping design using 2 strings.

The kite even gave off a “Voom Voom” sound as it soared through the sky, causing everyone to stare in curiosity and delight. The other special effects kite was named “Revolution”. It could revolve in the sky and was controlled by 4 strings. No one had expected that kites could be so cool!

After the demonstration and briefing, everyone started painting their own kites. Although it seemed like child’s play, the participants were obviously engrossed in the activity. Mr. Shakib, who was in his 60s, had said that we should all “live out our childhood innocence with gusto”. His spirit of compassion was demonstrated in his thoughtful organization of this kite-painting activity for the youth.

Everybody showing their creativity through designing their own kites~!

After the painting, it was time to fly the kites! In just a short while, the blue sky was dotted with colourful kites.

Laughter resonated through the Park. Some were enjoying seeing their kites soaring high, some were proudly displaying the artwork stemming from their innocent inner world to Mother Earth, and some were sincerely transmitting their well wishes for all sentient beings through the kites into the sky. Passersby at the Park must have envied such a sight of happiness.

Yeah~ Fly higher!

The kites high up in the sky. ^^

Before the day ended and in the backdrop of the setting sun, Mr. Shakib and the Youth Group gave out 2 prizes for the 2 kites with the best designs.

After some refreshments, everyone made their way home, happy and contented with their own masterpieces.


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