Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 Dec Youth 3day Zen Retreat

A total of 46 participants turn up for the 3 day meditation retreat from 25th Dec to 28th Dec. This meditation retreat is specially designed for the youth with age ranges from 18 to 35 years old. Venerable Guo Yi and Venerable Chang Yi come specially from Taiwan Dharma Drum Mountain to lead the activities that are held here during the retreat.

The main activities are listening to Master Sheng Yan played from the DVD. Besides sitting and walking meditation, tea and eating meditation and includes a form of meditation that requires the walking with a full bowl of water.

Listening to Master Sheng Yan (DVD)

Walking Meditation

Sitting Meditation

Walking Meditation with a full bowl of water.

1st day ...

@ 2.30pm, all the participants gather together at the Meditation Hall listening to Venerable Guo Yi's briefing on the outline of activities, the rules and regulations of the retreat and the introduction of Zen Buddhism.

The alarm clock is the sound emitted from the knocking of two pieces of wood and the actions are directed by the ringing of the bell.

Venerable Chang Yi demonstrates the prostration while Venerable Guo Yi is doing the explanation.

Learning how to prostrate

Daily Morning and Evening prayer.

Zen is everywhere in our daily lives including taking our daily meals.

After dinner...

Warming up exercises before meditation.

8-stance meditation

2nd day...

After the morning sitting meditation, it is the lesson of 8-stance meditation

Life is Zen: experiencing the Tea and Eating meditation.

Tea Zen

Eating meditation : Eating Cashew nuts

eating the nuts...

Put down your hand after finishing eating. Who can eat the nuts for more than 3 minutes?

Walking Meditation

3rd day...

Walking meditation with a full bowl of water.

Holding the bowl of water clearing obstacles.

4th day …. See you Soon!

Remembering the source of the water – Praying to the ancestors and Taking Refuge of the Triple Gems Ceremony.

Receiving the certificate as a disciple of the Triple Gems

Writing a letter about the experiences of the 3 day Retreat

And a sharing session in groups.

Drawing near the end of the 3 day Zen Retreat ...

A performance by the Youth Committee members in introducing Dharma Drum Youth Singapore

Group Photo of the participants, volunteers and Venerables :)

Malaysia and Singapore Dharma Drum Youths with Venerables.

Singapore Dharma Drum Youths

Thank you all that has participated and your contribution at 3dayZenRetreat.
May all be filled with happiness.

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