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Vegetarian BBQ Fun Gathering @ East Coast Park

31st Jul 2010

Aim of this gathering is to promote bonding and caring amongst Dharma Drum Youth members and friends.

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Basically the event has a few sessions, first is the game session, next is the cycling session and lastly is the BBQ cum game session. Due to work related reasons, some are able to attend one or two session. Some stay throughout all sessions. Some come at the mid-session and stay throughout. Some come straight for the BBQ.

The day is as sunny as ever quite contrary to the previous days that are mostly raining cats and dogs. And there is comfortable sea breeze blowing. A really nice accommodating weather that make us feel relaxed and de-stressed.

The event starts at 3 plus pm.

The Transport Hurdle

The rest gather at 1 pm at the Bedok Bus Interchange intending to take bus 401.

However, realizing that the first bus is to arrive at 2pm, we change our minds and take the cab instead since we have a load of BBQ stuff to take along with us. It seems somehow the location or the time is not suitable to flag cabs. We amuse ourselves while waiting for the cab: observing a very noisy cat which is meowing very loudly jumping and out of the rubbish bin looking for food, taking photos of ourselves and observing our friends in the process of flagging the cab in vain. But we finally got a cab ourselves by calling into the cab company.


Waiting for the cab :p


After reaching the BBQ pit, we enjoy the breeze lazing around chatting. We are called to introduce ourselves by Zhijian, our coordinator of this event

Zhijian, our excellent coordinator, makes this BBQ event a success.

Making self-introduction.

The Game

Then we are called to play a game, by masking ourselves over the eyes and playing blind.


We are now “blinded” and “muted”

In this game, we are being divided into 2 groups. We must not speak and have our eyes masked as we arrange ourselves in ascending order according to the numbers we have each drawn from a bag i.e. we each have a number that we only know ourselves and not to let others know, even to our own group members. Due to the circumstances, some clapped their hands to indicate the number he/she has, some do finger drawing on the hands of the others, pulling others into position etc.

Realization: The Game After

Through this game, we get to realize how fortunate that we have our 5 senses to the work for us – it is very frustrating even though we are only being temporarily deprived of 2 senses: the sight & the voice. How do we communicate without speaking? How do we seek for help without sight? This makes us reflect that the abilities we naturally have are not to be taken for granted. Think of the less fortunate who are handicapped naturally. What is the colour of the sky? How do they survive, see & interpret this world without sight? Think of the less fortunate who are handicapped all of the sudden deprived of the most useful component(s) of communication – in understanding this world and around us. We have taken our environment, the people around us too much for granted. We cannot understand anything or survived without using our senses to interact with the people and environment around us. It is with gratefulness and thankfulness that we have what we have now. We need to be calm and aware to explore our deepest innermost potential & abilities that we have yet to discover and put these to usage with the support of our senses. (It is discovered that without one sense such as sight, the other senses’ abilities are amplified to overcome the deficiencies of that lost sense)

The Walk

We ought to have the cycling. However, due to unforeseen circumstances we discovered the nearest bicycle station shut down for the YOG event after walking for many minutes and the nearest available bicycle station is quite many metres away. We decided to rest and feed ourselves and quench our thirst at a nearby food village.


Walking Leisurely


We stop on the way back to BBQ pit to admire the sand castle


By the time we are back at the pit it’s 5pm. The sun sets, sending rays blindingly across the beach, hitting the eyes.

Preparation for the BBQ is still ongoing. After washing the vegetables, Qiyao cuts them up.


Qiyao, our DDYS leader, cuts up the mushrooms.

All the BBQ food & sauces (below) are provided by him.


He spends the entire morning, marinating BBQ food & making sauces.

This pink-coloured paint-like sauce is called beetroot sauce. It is very, very delicious: light sweet taste and smells good. The entire box is emptied after the BBQ ends at 10pm.


Munching on salad (carrots, celery, cucumber) dipped in sauce, Qiyao shares his professional knowledge of vitamins and food and its ingredients with us. We simply listen with rapt attention.


Sumptuous! The cooked food is provided by our ex-leader Huiwei (right)

The main source of heat, the fire is built by this gentleman Qing Kui (right). It is pretty challenging to start up the fire against a rather strong wind. But with indefatigable efforts, a mass of red, hot burning charcoals is produced.

This is where all the delicious BBQ food is cooked.


BBQ-ing potatoes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, corns & mushrooms.


Remember to sweep these (oil on the left / honey on the right) onto the corns and mushrooms while BBQ-ing. Makes them so tasty that you bite your tongue off.

Having fun and feasting.


After feasting, we play a game called the BINGO before we catch the bus home. This BINGO game let us know about one another through and about Buddhism and each other names better. It is very, very fun. :) We are just kept busy asking one another questions from the BINGO paper. Apologies for lack of photos here: the photographer is also very engrossed in playing this game.

Sample of the BINGO paper

The Final Note

Thanks to all participants, coordinators in contributing to make this BBQ event fun and enjoyable and knowledgeable, a little. Thank you very much!!!


Happy National Day, Singapore!



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