Thursday, May 27, 2010

Earth Day - Let's Go Planting! - A Report

36 members and volunteers had participated in the tree planting activities organized by Dharma Drum Youth Group in celebration of the 41st Earth Day Anniversary.


On 25th Apr 2010 in the early morning, the participants and volunteer gathered at DDM Duxton Road, full of anticipation for the oncoming activities. In this event, the youngest participant is 5yrs old only carrying her mother’s anticipation in having the right values of caring and protecting the Earth.
Dharma Drum Youth & Nparks personnel and tour guides in group photo.

The participants set off at 8.30am, drinking mineral water and munching away at the apples provided by one of the volunteer with thanks. The participants were being orientated about the meaning behind the tree planting event and informed of the general schedule of the activities ahead.
Fresh sweet organic apples :)

In half an hour, we arrived at the Bougainvillea park situated at Dunearn Road.image008.jpg

image010.jpgThis is where the trees were to be planted. It was as sunny as ever and we have the full support from the Mother Earth in the execution of this event.

image012.jpgNparks personnel guided the participants around the park in a tour, recommending the various plants and demonstrating how to plant trees with the tools.

The trees that were to be planted named Excoecaria Cochinchinensis & Bougainvillea Spectabilis Willd.
image014.jpgThe leaves of Excoecaria Cochinchinensis are of dark green with blood red underneath.

image016.jpgIts flowers & fruits are especially tiny, almost unperceivable with a glance.

To plant these saplings require certain techniques and methods such as loosening of the soil, digging at a certain depth just to cover the roots of the sapling and finally pressing the soil around it. Follow by the fertilizing and watering to finish the planting process. The participants were all ears.

There are many recommendations on other plants and the benefits of their uses especially Sansevieria Trifasciata. It can purify the air and lower radiations emitted from electronic devices, suitable for indoors. To all computer users, get a pot today.


Tree planting in action!

The little girl in active participation
160 saplings fully planted by 11 a.m. to the satisfaction of the “planters”.

Npark personnel demonstrated how to reproduce and multiply the Bougainvillea plant using grafting. Bougainvillea glabra species is sometimes referred to "paper flower" because the bracts are thin and papery ( Extract from Wikipedia )

Bougainvillea grows and flowers in warm climates due to its drought tolerance. The actual flower of the plant is whitish or light yellowish in colour surrounded by three or six bright-coloured bracts associated with the plant.

During the sharing session, the Dharma Drum Youth in general felt honoured in being able to join the activity and were impressed by the message it brought about. Every plant plays a role in the protection of the Earth that cannot be ignored however small it is. Planting indirectly lessen the ever-increasing global warming as the plants balance and beautify the living environment especially by taking in CO2.

The activities ended with the taking of a refreshner in a form of an organic vegetarian lunch once more emphasizing the meaning of Earth Day and awareness of the important part that we play in preserving and protecting the Earth through activities such as planting trees, stop using the electric lights for an hour or stop using the car for a day etc. For the love of ourselves and our next generations in giving them a better environment, these little activities can be put to practice in our daily lives not just during Earth day.

In this year's Earth day at the Bougainvillea park, with each sapling planted carries with the hope of a greener and better environment with our environmental efforts.

A photo of an Npark personnel with the Dharma Drum Youth Group Leader

With deepest heartfelt thanks to the Mother Nature, the Nparks personnel and finally the Dharma Drum Youth.

References of Bougainvillea from Wikipedia.



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