Saturday, November 3, 2007


Our Vision:
'Better Youth, Better World'. consistent with the Dharma Drum Vision:
To Uplift the Character of Humanity and Build a Pure Land on Earth.

Our Mission:
To nurture the mentally and physically healthy youth, who has amplify personality, who are able to and willing to contribute to the public community, who also have the following PURI-GECIC characteristics:
1) Genuineness
2) Enthusiasm
3) Care
4) Innovation
5) Concentration

Our Objective:
1/ To build up the Dharma Drum International Youth Group (Singapore Division)
2/ To construct course and organize activities which can uplift the character of youth mainly in PURI-GECIC.
3/ To benefit more youth through activities, improving life, making more friend, have multiple perspective, less worry, growing in blessing and wisdom.


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