Saturday, December 20, 2008

Opening of Dharma Drum Mountain Malaysia

On 14th Decemeber 2008, it is a special and memorable day for Dharma Drum Mountain Malaysia. 6 brothers and sisters from our Dharma Drum Singapore went over to Malaysia to attend this ceremony.

12th December 2008 - During the trip to KL

13th December 2008- Dharma Drum Mountain Malaysia

The new library!

Dharma Drum Mountain's logo

Busy registering in the programme

14th December- The Big Day

Singapore chairman - Mr. Chia, Norman & DongLiang

Three of our sisters

Dharma Drum Mountain Sangha

Sangha sending his wishes to all the guests

Opening of <心经> by the chairmen.

End of the day, every guest would receive blessing rice and guanyin card

Both Malaysia and Singapore Youth Dharma Drum

With Malaysia Dharma Dum's ex-chairman, TP Lim

We're one big family ^___^

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Closing Date Extension for 3 day meditation Retreat - Chan3

Dear All,

Please note that our closing date for the registering of 3 day Meditation Retreat 25th - 28th Dec 2008 is extended to 21st Dec 08.

With Metta,


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Thursday, December 11, 2008

DDYS Gathering And A Date with Six Ethics of Mind

FACE BOOK OF youth_Rs.jpg

View photos of DDYS (10)
Malaysia &
Other parts of the World

Our Vision:
To Uplift the Character of Humanity & Build a Pure Land on Earth
Our Spirit:
To Give of Ourselves for the Benefit of All
Our Direction:
To Return to the Original Intention of the Buddha & Work for the Purification of the World
Our Approach:
To Promote Comprehensive Education & Extend Loving Care to All.


DDYS Gathering And A Date with Six Ethics of Mind

On Weekend in November, getting 8 of us (Kee Yew, Kim Kee, Kim Yon, Hwee Wee, Meida, Poey Ying, Jane & Yinling) together

Preparations for food

1 Setting up fire @ the Pit,
2 Washing & cutting the veggies……
3 Preparing the ingredients

IMG_0184.JPG pasirRis2b_Rs.jpg pasirRis2c_Rs.jpg

Piping Hot BBQ includes Mushroom, Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Capsicum, Potatoes, Broccoil Flower………

IMG_0193.JPG pasirRis3a_Rs.jpg pasirRis3b_Rs.jpg

Delicious Hearty Feast

pasirRis4a_Rs.jpg pasirRis4b_Rs.jpg
pasirRis4c_Rs.jpg pasirRis4d_Rs.jpg

A Short & Sharing Session on Sesame Sandwishes by Kew Yew

Sesame-Basil Sandwich

Black sesame powder 3 tbsp (heap)
Olive oil (cold pressed) 4 tbsp
Agave nectar 1 tbsp
Rock salt 1/4 tsp
Fresh basil leaves a few
Ripe tomato (med.; sliced) 1
Wholemeal bread 4 pcs

• Mix in this particular order: sesame powder, olive oil, agave nectar, rock salt; stir into smooth paste and spread onto bread. Sandwich tomatoes and basil leaves in between and serve immediately.

Six Ethics of the Mind is Family Ethics, Living Ethics, School Ethics, Environment Ethics, Workplace Ethics and Ethics Between Ethics Groups.

Each of us plays a multiple role in the Six Ethics of the Mind. We have to carry our responsibilities at all time, to serve and love the environment.

Just a FUN day out with comm. riding on Bike FrEEly in the Park

IMG_0260.JPGpasirRis6b_Rs.jpg pasirRis6c_Rs.jpg
pasirRis6d_Rs.jpg pasirRis6e_Rs.jpg pasirRis6f_Rs.jpg

“The moRe we toGether, togetHer, tOgether. tHe moRe we togEther, the meRRier will be, for yOur FrieNdS, are my frIendS…………… “

The End



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